HM3 Knives Folder Knife Damascus Made Lockback5" Closed 3 5/8" Damascus Steel
Price: $45.87

LOT OF 2 Guthook Folding Pocket Kershaw Hunting Gut Skinner Knife Northside Hook
Price: $37.24

7.5" Sniper Spring Assisted Knife BLACK Folding Pocket Knives Hunting PK149
Price: $11.99

Bear & Son 561 Knives Folder Knife Medium Lockback Stag Bone 3 1/2" Closed H
Price: $43.05

34150 Hogue Grips Elishewitz Folding Knife Black Plain Drop Point Pocket Clip 4"
Price: $139.37

CRKT CR13SFG Knives Folder Knife Black Finish G-10 Handle M16 Special Forces S
Price: $47.75

Hogue 34160 Aluminum Frame 3.5" Folding Knife Tanto Blade Tumble Matte Black
Price: $134.1

S21 Schrade Clip Blade For Folding Knife 5" W/ 4" Polished Stainless Clip Blade
Price: $10.28

MACB911Y Mac Coltellerie Marine Folder Knife with Yellow Handle
Price: $10.38

Case 9207LP Knives Folder Knife Mini Trapper Lollypop Corelon Series 3 1/2"
Price: $49.42

Case Baby Butterbean Sawcut 31739 Spear/Pen Blade Folding Knife 2 3/4"
Price: $41.97

Tac Force TF672BL Knives Folder Knife Spectrum Finish Speed Assisted Linerlock
Price: $19.21

Mtech MT740FD Knives Folder Knife Rescue Linerlock Fire Fighter 5" Closed 3 1/
Price: $9.32

Kershaw Knives 1830 Satin Black Oso Sweet Plain Edge Assisted Folding Knife 3"
Price: $24.71

Boker Oberland Arms Edw 110626 Stonewashed Stainless Blade Folding Knife 4 1/2"
Price: $239.31

SPYDERCO BY03PSBK2 Black Lightweight Cara Cara2 FRN Folding Knife
Price: $22.77

Mtech MT561RD Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Karambit 4 1/2" Closed Linerloc
Price: $8.49

Hen & Rooster HR432DS Knives Folder Knife Stag Handle Mini Coke Bottle 3" Closed
Price: $35.21

Tac Force TF727SH Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Large Rescue Linerlock 6 1/4
Price: $14.34

MACB911R Mac Coltellerie Marine Folder Knife with Red Handle
Price: $10.38

Myerchin MYMYT300 Folder Knife Stainless Titanium Handle Titanium Captain Gen2
Price: $69.79

Mtech MT121 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Wood Handle Stiletto Knives Folder 4
Price: $10.69

Boker BO7474AB Knives Folder Knife Stockman Apaloosa Bone Series 4" Closed
Price: $60.31

Cold Steel 29TMC Voyager Clip 3" Plain Edge Folding Knife Griv Handle
Price: $44.04

CRKT Folder Knife Combo Tanto Point Seat Belt Cutter Flipper 3" Black M16-12ZLEK
Price: $50.18

Hen & Rooster HRHR302RPB Knives Folder Knife Red Bone Handle Pen Knife Red 2 5/8
Price: $33.08

Elk Ridge ER138 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Wood Handle Lockback 4" Closed 3
Price: $12.41

Case 21205055329 Knives Folder Knife Stag Handle SM Toothpick Stag 510096 Ss
Price: $62.33

Mtech MT402OPS Knives Folder Knife Stainless Black Finish Aluminum Handle Specia
Price: $10.32

Marbles MR253 Knives Folder Knife Bone Handle Schrimshaw Deer Slayer Wildlife
Price: $21.01

Remington R18220 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Matte Finish Large F A S T Folde
Price: $18.66

Fox FOXFOX233 Knives Folder Knife Aluminum Handle Sailing Knife 4 1/8" Closed Li
Price: $78.32

Mtech MT416 Knives Folder Knife Linerlock 4 1/2" Closed Black Finish 440 Stain
Price: $7.98

Case 9743 Knives Folder Knife Russlock Bermuda Green 61953Lss Pattern 4 1/8"
Price: $61.27

Al Mar AMAM1001WM Knives Folder Knife Micarta Handle Osprey White Micarta 2 1/4"
Price: $98.44

HTM HTM98686 Knives Folder Knife Madd Maxx 4 3/4" Closed Framelock 4" Cpm S30V
Price: $347.57

Case 9207CS Knives Folder Knife Mini Trapper Coral Sea 3 1/2" Closed Stainle
Price: $47.95

Xikar XX300TC Knives Folder Knife Cigar Cutter 3" Overall Razor Sharp 440 Stainl
Price: $55.74

Colt CT457 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Wood Handle Forged Rosewood Knives
Price: $15.9

Case 12007 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Abalone Handle Copperlock Abalone 8
Price: $167.98

Spyderco 4 Ceramic File Set & Best Whitestone Chisel wood carvers Sharpening
Price: $59.99

Winchester Ranger Folding Pocket Knife 440 Knives Liner Lock Sold Unused Sharp
Price: $16.5
Shipment: $3.5

Vintage Used G. Sakai/Spyderco Hotaru(firefly) GS115BK RARE BIB NOW OR MISS OUT.
Price: $12.95

Pocket Large G-10 Linerlock Black Knife Knives Folding Handle Hunting G10 Colt
Price: $14.98

Aegis tanto 1/2 serrared SOG
Price: $69.99

Case XX Blade Changer 4 blades
Price: $60.0
Shipment: $12.0

Price: $7.99
Shipment: $4.99

Winchester 3 inch Staninless Rosewood folder knife
Price: $6.66

Case 9254LP Knives Folder Knife Trapper Lollypop Corelon Series 4 1/8" Close
Price: $51.31

Moki MK105 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Handle Small Knives Folder 1 13/16"
Price: $60.09

Case 920724KT Knives Folder Knife Stainless Synthetic Handle Mini Trapper 3
Price: $48.74

Boker BOP584 Knives Folder Knife Plus Rescom Red 2 3/4" Closed Framelock AUS 8
Price: $33.82

Blackhawk BB10028 Knives Folder Knife Black Finish G-10 Handle Point Man Standa
Price: $75.15

Smith & Wesson SW6AEU Knives Folder Knife Aluminum Handle Extremeops Lockback 4
Price: $12.0

Frost F40100RMR Knives Folder Knife 40Th Anniversary Barracuda 3 1/2" Closed Lo
Price: $13.93

CRKT M16-13Z, Zytel Handle, 3.5 in. Spear Point Combo Edge Blade Folding Knife
Price: $40.98

Price: $4.75
Shipment: $4.75

LOT OF 2 Keychain Hunt Knives Small Knife Stag Mini Pocket Antler Folder Key Rin
Price: $15.54

Camillus Knives 870BLB Blade Magazine NIB USA Made
Price: $9.99

Tiny Key Ring Knife Stag Small Knives Folder Mini Pocket Antler Keychain Sharp
Price: $8.66

Mtech MT409 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Black Finish Wood Handle Linerlock 4
Price: $8.0

Case 7403 Knives Folder Knife Med Stockman Harvest Orange 6318Ss Pattern 3 5/8"
Price: $44.77

Case 83 Knives Folder Knife Small Pen Knife Brown Jigged Delrin 2 5/8" Closed
Price: $28.81

Ka-Bar KA6211 Coppersmith-2 Blade Folding Blade Knifeg Tr
Price: $101.65

Price: $9.99

Xikar XMTX Knives Folder Knife Cigar Cutter Muti Tool 2 1/4" Closed Matte Finish
Price: $39.19

Timberline TMTM8010 Knives Folder Knife Ceramic Aluminum Handle Linerlock 4 1/2"
Price: $48.33

Marine Reaper Black M-A1020Bt Partially Serrated Spear Point Blade Folding Knife
Price: $15.74

Mtech Folding Knife Blue Mt-A822Bl
Price: $13.04

Case 925424KT Knives Folder Knife Trapper 24Kt Gold Corelon 4 1/8" Closed St
Price: $51.0

M2778 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Synthetic Handle Knife Set Knife Assortmen
Price: $46.13

Tac Force TF701BL Knives Folder Knife Stiletto A/O 4 5/8" Closed Linerlock 3 1
Price: $13.73

Boker BOM02170 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Magnum Detonation II 4 3/4" Closed
Price: $21.67

Vintage Rare Hubertus Solingen Rostfrei Geschmiedet W. Germany Knife - Fork
Price: $89.99
Shipment: $8.0

Spyderco endura 4
Price: $50.0

TWI8-CP SOG Twitch II Folding Knife 2.68" Plain Drop Point Satin Finish AUS 8 St
Price: $50.29

Kershaw 1556TI Cryo II Folding Knife Box
Price: $33.61

Kershaw 1660BLKW Leek Folding Knife Blackwash
Price: $52.95

Browning Night Seeker 2 Light Prism II Knife and Black Cap Combo 3719405
Price: $26.48

1670TBLKST Kershaw Blur Folding Knife 3.38" Combo Edge Tanto Point Sandvik 14C28
Price: $58.12

Kershaw 8100GRYST Funxion Folding Knife FR Charcoal/Black Serrated
Price: $36.75

1780CB Kershaw Rake Folding Knife 3.5" Composite Steel Plain Clip Point Blade G1
Price: $77.68

Kershaw 1555BW Cryo - Blackwash Folding Knife Box
Price: $32.62

Kershaw 6024BLK Emerson Cqc Folding Knife 2K Box
Price: $28.08

SOG Knives ZM1002-CP Zoom Folding Knife Mini Aluminum TiNi
Price: $64.83

1605ST Kershaw Clash Folding Knife 3" Combo Edge Drop Point 8CR12MoV Steel Blade
Price: $26.98

FSA8-CP SOG Flash II Folding Knife 3.5" Plain Drop Point Satin Finish AUS 8 Stai
Price: $42.48

Kershaw 3820 Injection 3.0 Folding Knife Box
Price: $30.55

Kershaw 1670BW Blur Folding Knife Black/Blackwash
Price: $58.12

Kershaw 6054BRNBLK Emerson Cqc Folding Knife 4K Box
Price: $29.94

FF24-CP SOG Escape Folding 3.4" Partially Serrated Clip Point Bead Blasted 9Cr18
Price: $32.43

Frost FFWT009GSB Knives Folder Knife Bone Handle Toe Nail Green 3" Closed Stainl
Price: $9.95

Kershaw 8700X Shuffle Folding Knife Clam Pack
Price: $19.24

Kershaw 1660CB Leek Folding Knife Composite Blade
Price: $70.54

1670S30V Kershaw Blur Folding Knife 3.38" Plain Edge Recurve S30V Steel Blade Bl
Price: $72.37

SOG Knives KU-1011 Kiku Folding Knife Satin Large Folding
Price: $97.49

1600BLK Kershaw Chive Folding Knife 1.94" Plain Edge Drop Point 420HC Steel Blad
Price: $60.73

SOG Knives SAT101-CP Flashback Folding Knife Mini
Price: $43.01

3655 Kershaw RJ Martin "The Volt SS" Folding 3. 5" Plain Drop Point Bead Blasted
Price: $31.98

SOG Knives SAT004-CP Flashback Folding Knife Black TiNi Tanto
Price: $71.87

HTM HTM47939 Knives Folder Knife Damascus Madd Maxx 5.5" Damascus With Carbon
Price: $598.18

Winchester Knives 22-41792 Parfive TI Folding Knife Drop Point Drop Point
Price: $20.28

Gerber Tools 22-47177 Mini Covert Black Serrated Edge Folding Clip Knife
Price: $38.58

Blackhawk BB10024 Knives Folder Knife Black Finish G-10 Handle Garra II Part
Price: $89.77

Lion Steel LSTSR1ABB Knives Folder Knife D2 Tool Steel Black Finish Aluminum Han
Price: $181.01

Gerber G47177 Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Mini Covert 3 3/4" Closed Line
Price: $38.58

Utica UTK24779BB Knives Folder Knife Catskill Barlow 3 1/4" Closed Clip & Pen
Price: $31.53

Price: $28.99

NWTF folding hunting knife new in box 8" overall 3.5" Blade
Price: $19.99

Gerber Paraframe I Ti-Grey Fine Edge 22-48446
Price: $9.0
Shipment: $2.0

Gerber Paraframe I Ti-Grey Fine Edge 22-48446
Price: $8.0
Shipment: $2.0

Gerber Paraframe I Ti-Grey Fine Edge 22-48446
Price: $8.0
Shipment: $2.0

Gerber Paraframe I Ti-Grey Fine Edge 22-48446
Price: $8.0
Shipment: $2.0

Gerber Paraframe I Ti-Grey Fine Edge 22-48446
Price: $8.0
Shipment: $2.0

Price: $4.99

Black Schrade Pocket Knife Hunting Camping Utility Survival Small Large Knives
Price: $5.18
Shipment: $5.45

M3131 Knives Folder Knife James Commemorative 4" Closed Pistol Shaped Knife
Price: $25.61

Hunting Knife With Gut Hook And Sheath Fast Shipping
Price: $0.99

Buck Knives Bantam Mossy Oak Break Up Camo Single Blade Folding Pocket Knife
Price: $9.99

Winchester Knives 22-41787 Pakka Wood Knives Folding Knife 2 Blade Stockman
Price: $11.45

Winchester Knives 22-41785 Burl Wood Knives Folding Knife Sheath Folder
Price: $17.13

Price: $1.99
Shipment: $2.5

10 Piece Credit Card Wallet Knife Hunting Camping Protection US Seller!
Price: $5.0
Shipment: $4.65

Price: $68.95

Red Pickbone "Baby Saddlehorn" Pocket Knife w/2 Mirror Polished S. Stl. Blades
Price: $16.5

5.11 XPRT Folder Spear Point Knife 51036
Price: $89.0

Price: $12.99

Winchester Knives 22-41322 Winchester Brass Folder Knife 3.5" With Sheath
Price: $16.68

BEAR GRYLLS 31-001066 Fixed Blade, Serrated, 7-7/8 In, Orange/Blk G4444596
Price: $44.46

Hallmark HM0181G Knives Folder Knife Shotgun Shell Knife Green 2 5/8" Closed
Price: $6.45

HTM HTM47551 Knives Folder Knife Gun Hammer A/O 4 1/2" Closed Linerlock 3 1
Price: $202.02

Bad Blood BB0112 Knives Folder Knife Tactical Hawkbill 4 7/8" Closed Linerlock
Price: $10.2

US Marines Urban Camo K-Fighter Tactical Combat Karambit Folding Pocket Knife
Price: $13.95

Wicked Handsaw. Folding hand saw with sheath. Lifetime warrenty on the handle
Price: $36.95

Bk3a Mantis Knives Bottleneck Twin Folding Butterfly Knife 1.9" Plain Wicked Dua
Price: $28.18

Lot of 10 15-293b delta ranger 2 3" CLOSED stainless steel blade NEW
Price: $19.88

Damascus DM1004BO Knives Folder Knife Damascus Navaja Knives Folder Smooth Bone
Price: $32.45

Damascus DM1020 Knives Folder Knife Stag Handle Stag Lockback 5" Closed Damascu
Price: $39.28

Damascus DM1040 Knives Folder Knife Stag Handle Filework Hunter 5" Closed Lockb
Price: $49.61

New Cold Steel Mini Recon 1 Tanto Point Teflon Razor Folding Knife Great Knife!
Price: $59.95

Schrade Knife Beast Green Old Timer Serated Serrated Tough Large Pocket Hunting
Price: $10.8

Parker Cut. Co. One Arm Pillbuster Knife - Yellow Handle Very Nice Condition
Price: $39.99

Price: $37.0

Price: $13.0
Shipment: $5.0

LOT OF 2 Pocket Stainless Small Knives Folding Knife CRKT Gekkota 2Cro Steel Spe
Price: $44.61

Price: $16.95

New Gerber Myth Folding Pocket Knife Drop Point Blade with Sheath 31-001164
Price: $36.99

Gerber Hinderer CLS Folding Blade Knife 22-01870
Price: $45.0

HTM HTM47550 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Gun Hammer A/O 4 3/8" Closed Lin
Price: $194.31

Spyderco C122GBBKPS VG10/Black Tenacious ComboEdge Folding Knife 3.39"
Price: $46.26

HTM HTM47516 Knives Folder Knife Matte Finish Maxx Glide Gunhammer 4 1/2" Clo
Price: $191.71

Boker BO2626BBL Knives Folder Knife Copperhead Beer Barrel BO2626BBL
Price: $54.96

HTM HTM99456 Knives Folder Knife Aluminum Handle Gun Hammer A/O 4 1/2" Clos
Price: $194.31

HTM HTM47526 Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Maxx Glide Gun Hammer W/ Etac
Price: $202.02

Rough Rider RR347 Knives Folder Knife Small Leg Knife Imitation Abalone Handles
Price: $9.8

Rough Rider RR1164 Knives Folder Knife Stoneworx Barlow 2 7/8" Closed
Price: $11.9

Rough Rider RR971 Knives Folder Knife Small Leg Knife 3 1/4" Closed Clip Blade
Price: $9.08

Colt KC012 BUCKSHOT Bone Knives Folder Knife Buckshot Bone Trapper 4 1/8" Close
Price: $18.16

Price: $13.0
Shipment: $5.0

CRKT Drifter 6460K Knife G10 Drop Point Partially Serrated
Price: $20.0
Shipment: $5.8

Gerber 22-01966 F.A.S.T G10 Applegate Covert Combo Edge Folding Knife W/Clip
Price: $45.0

CRKT Ken Onion Shenanigan PPS Razor Pocket Knife Drop Point Columbia K480KKP Riv
Price: $38.5
Shipment: $2.95

CRKT My Tighe Bead Blasted Spring Assisted Opening Pocket Knife 1090 Satin Blade
Price: $57.74

Doe & Buck Deer, folding Lockblade knife, 4 1/8" Close/ 7" Open
Price: $4.0

Boker BO7474SS Knives Folder Knife Stockman Red Bone 4" Closed 3 Blade Soli
Price: $66.85

Blackhawk BB10023 Knives Folder Knife Black Finish G-10 Handle Garra II Plain
Price: $89.94

Series Assisted Opening Folding Knife 4.5 Inch Closed Black Half,New
Price: $14.57

Gerber - L.S.T. Knives L.S.T. Knife Fine Bladeedge: 313-22-06009 - l.s.t. knife
Price: $18.14

0285CMS9 Buck Knives Bantam BLW Folding Knife 3.13" Drop Point Plain Edge 420HC
Price: $20.96

0870SSX Buck Knives Bones Folding 3" Serrated Tanto Point Gray Finish Stainless
Price: $24.78

Buck Knife 0598RWS 3361 Folding ErgoHunter® - Pro
Price: $110.15

Price: $22.95

Gerber Blades 30-000784 Contrast Drop Point Fold Knife Assisted Opening Serrated
Price: $45.62

0288BLS Buck Knives QuickFire Folding 2.75" Plain Drop Point Satin Finish 420HC
Price: $30.27

Buck Knives 0284CMS13 Bantam Folding Knife Reaper Black
Price: $18.3

0286BKS Buck Bantam BHW Folding Knife 3.75" Plain Clip Point Blade 420HC Stainle
Price: $24.27

45786 Gerber Applegate Covert Folding Knife 3.78" Plain/Serrated Spear Point Dag
Price: $89.49

Buck Knives MiniBuck 1.88" Folding Blade Plain Edge Drop Point Knife 425BK
Price: $14.29

Gerber Blades 31-000716 STL 2.5 Drop Point Fine Edge Clam Folding Knife
Price: $13.94

31-000593 Gerber Mini Swagger Folding Knife 2.8" Plain Drop Point Stainless Stee
Price: $19.56

Buck Knives 0271RWS1 Alpha Dorado Folding Knife S30V Steel
Price: $58.89

Buck Knives 0753YWX Redpoint Folding Knife Rescue Yellow
Price: $36.94

0379BRS Buck Single Blade Folding Knife 2.75" Plain Edge Drop Point 440C Steel B
Price: $12.63

Buck Knives 0303RWS Buck Cadet Folding Knife Rosewood
Price: $33.73

0395BKS Buck Knives Omni Hunter Folding Knife 3" Plain Drop Point 420HC Stainles
Price: $37.43

0286CMS9 Buck Knives Bantam BHW Folding Knife 3.75" Drop Point Plain Edge 420HC
Price: $25.98

Buck Bones Folding Knife 3" 420HC Stainless Steel Blade Tiger Stripe Camo Handle
Price: $24.98

0112BRS Buck Ranger Folding 3" Plain Clip Point Satin Finish 420HC Stainless Ste
Price: $40.02

Buck Knives 0346RWS Vantage Folding Knife 7837 Avid
Price: $36.58

Buck Knives 0373BRS Trio Folding Knife
Price: $17.12

0309BKS Buck Companion Folding Knife 2" Clip Point and 1.5" Pen 420HC Stainless
Price: $29.38

0270RWS Buck Knives Alpha Dorado Folding 2.5" Plain Spear Point 420HC Stainless
Price: $49.48

0750BKX Buck Knives Redpoint Folding 2.75" Partially Serrated Drop Point 420HC S
Price: $25.04

Buck Knives 0770BKX1 Flashpoint Folding Knife LE Serrated Black/Titanium
Price: $37.51

Buck Knives 0283CM10 Bantam Folding Knife Nano Mossy Oak Pink Blaze
Price: $15.78

0770BKS1 Buck FlashPoint LE Folding 2.9" Plain Drop Point Titanium Coated 420HC
Price: $39.4

0327SSS Buck 327 Nobleman Folding Knife 2.625" Plain Drop Point 440A Stainless S
Price: $20.18

0525SSS Buck Gent Folding Knife 1.88" Plain Edge Drop Point 420HC Stainless Stee
Price: $23.24

0722GYS1 Buck Knives Spitfire Folding 3.25" Plain Drop Point 420HC Steel Blade A
Price: $30.17

Buck Knives 0726GYS Mini SpitFire Folding Knife Grey
Price: $30.38