Cold Steel Knives Kudu 5 3/4" Closed Ring Lock Black Zytel Pocket Knife NM C
Price: $8.2

TF554EM Knives Folder Knife Rescue Linerlock 3 3/4" Closed 2 1/2" Black Coated
Price: $8.34

Mtech MT587WP Knives Folder Knife White Stiletto Linerlock 4 5/8" Closed 3 1/4
Price: $13.03

Marbles MR228 Knives Folder Knife Sportsman's Knife 4 5/8" Closed Lockblade 3 1/
Price: $12.12

M3923 Knives Folder Knife Assisted Grenade Rescue Linerlock Special Forces 3
Price: $9.13

Rough Rider RR512 Knives Folder Knife Trapper Imitation Tortoise Shell Handles
Price: $11.5

M3999 Knives Folder Knife Assisted Linerlock 4 5/8" Closed 3 1/2" Black Fini
Price: $7.93

Spyderco SSC10S Knives Folder Knife Stainless Handle Endura 4. Serrated Blade 5"
Price: $88.77

Spyderco C11PGRE Knives Folder Knife Delica 4 1/4" Closed Lockback Zdp 189
Price: $103.37

LOT OF 2 Silver Lil Key Chain Carabiner Folding Knife Wrench Guppie 9075 CRKT Mu
Price: $40.94

Puma Duke Stag Folding Knife 210905 Made in Germany
Price: $107.5

Pocket Knife Keychain White Knives Small Mini Big Folder Rough Ring Smooth Rider
Price: $12.29

Keychain Key Ring Small Mini Pocket Knife Stag Antler Folder Knives Utility Tiny
Price: $8.29

LOT OF 2 CRKT Edgie 2/II Self Sharpening Folding Pocket Knife 5Cr15MoV Lock Back
Price: $37.28

Colt KC06 BUCKSHOT Bone Knives Folder Knife Buckshot Bone Teardrop Jack 3 7/8"
Price: $16.95

Case CA25654 Christmas Canoe Green Folding Knife Stainless 3 5/8"
Price: $53.97

Elk Ridge ER-732PK Folding Knife 3.75-Inch When Closed Brand New
Price: $6.99

USMC USMA1038DG Linerlock Digital Green A/O Folding Knife Stainless
Price: $14.21

☆TRANSFORMER Multifunction Folding Knife w/4 Screw Bits
Price: $17.99

Rough Rider KB205 MASONIC Knives Folder Knife Bone Handle Masonic Mini Trapper
Price: $14.42

Buck BU846BKS Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Vantage Force Avid 4 3/8" Closed
Price: $61.61

Hen & Rooster HR303BLPB 3-Bld Blue Packbn 2 3/4" Folding Knife
Price: $31.45

Hen & Rooster HR212DS Hen&Rooster Deerstag 3 1/2"Ca Folding Knife
Price: $55.51

TF660AB Knives Folder Knife Spectrum Finish Framelock 3 1/2" Closed 2 1/2" Hig
Price: $9.31

MTech MTA850GN Framelock Green G10 A/O Folding Knife Stainless
Price: $9.86

Rough Rider RR1036 Knives Folder Knife Big Daddy Barlow Amber Smoo
Price: $10.86

Smith & Wesson SWPROM1411CP On Duty & Off Combo Set Linerlock Folding Knife
Price: $23.1

Z-Hunter ZB110BG 5" Green Z Coating Satin Blade Folding Knife
Price: $9.61

Hen & Rooster HR402GPB H&R Peanut Green Pick Bone 2 7/8 Folding Knife
Price: $34.19

Frost Cutlery F17550SB Maverick Lockback Folding Knife Stainless
Price: $7.97

Imperial Schrade IMP22 Knives Folder Knife Sodbuster 3 5/8" Closed 2 3/4" Stain
Price: $7.65

SWBLOP2SMBS Folding Knife S&W Mini Black Ops M A G I C Mini Blop2 3 3/8" Close L
Price: $27.22

Guardian Tactical GT37121 Helix Combat Folder Folding Knife Stainless 5"
Price: $310.97

Rough Rider RR216 Knives Folder Knife Cross Knife Black Pearl Handles 1 1/8"
Price: $7.93

China Made CN300293GN Military Linerlock Green A/O Folding Knife
Price: $11.69

Tac Force TF675YLB Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Yellow Premium Milano Spee
Price: $16.72

Case 30024 Knives Folder Knife Carbon Steel Bone Handle Trapper lock W/Belt
Price: $81.03

Rough Rider RR573 Knives Folder Knife Camp Knife Red Jigged Bone Handles 3 3/4
Price: $12.16

Pakistan Made PA5021RD Knives Folder Knife Bone Handle Hawkbill Red 4" Closed 2
Price: $8.9

Schrade S468 Folding Knife Blade 60TX Stainless 4 1/2" Overall
Price: $3.98

Mtech MTX8050SW Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Xtreme Rescue Linerlock 4 1/2"
Price: $10.9

Cold Steel 10AMC Knives Folder Knife Stainless Counter Point II 4" Closed Lo
Price: $39.64

Browning BR804 Knives Folder Knife Satin Finish G-10 Handle Black Label Stone
Price: $20.46

Tac Force TF578MR Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Karambit Linerlock 5 1/4"
Price: $12.18

Z-Hunter ZB118BG 4.5" Black SS Blade Green AB Folding Knife
Price: $7.68

Tac Force TF598RF Knives Folder Knife Milano Speed Assisted Linerlock 5" Clos
Price: $9.49

Z-Hunter ZB098GY 4.75" Black HS Blade Gray / Black Folding Knife
Price: $10.5

Guardian Tactical GT31621 Helix Combat Folder Folding Knife Stainless 5"
Price: $310.97

Schrade SCHSCH194OT Knives Folder Knife Old Timer Lockable Trapper 3 7/8" Closed
Price: $14.78

Frost FFWT064CER Knives Folder Knife Ceramic G-10 Handle Whitetail Ceramic Knive
Price: $30.38

MTech MTA849FD Linerlock Firefighter A/O Folding Knife Stainless
Price: $10.5

Case Cutlery CA14301 Ford Trapper Blue Bone Folding Knife Stainless 4 1/8"
Price: $51.92

Case CA60186 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Mini Trapper White 6207Ss Pattern 3
Price: $35.05

Spyderco SC11FPGY Knives Folder Knife Stainless FRN Handle Delica Gray Handles
Price: $74.17

Eickhorn Solingen EI825156 Hunter Black Micarta Folding Knife Full Tang 9"
Price: $214.6

Hen & Rooster HR302BLPB Pen Knife Blue Packbn 2 3/4" Stainless
Price: $31.98

MTech Xtreme MTXA822 Linerlock Green Camo A/O Folding Knife Stainless
Price: $10.9

United UC2706 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Black Finish Aluminum Handle Assiste
Price: $8.17

Spyderco SSC10P Knives Folder Knife Endura 4. Standard Edge Blade 5" Closed Lock
Price: $88.77

Z-Hunter ZB093GN 4.5" 3.5"Blade W/ 3 Claw Line Folding Knife
Price: $10.93

Hen & Rooster HR343DS Stockman Deer Stag Folding Knife Stainless 3 7/8"
Price: $59.98

Tac Force TF687PD Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Linerlock Police A/O Speed
Price: $9.49

Hen & Rooster HR312MOZ Trapper Mozaic 4 1/8" Folding Knife Stainless
Price: $51.98

Hen & Rooster HR324MOZ Congress Mozaic 4" Folding Knife Stainless
Price: $39.98

Tac Force TF754TGY Knives Folder Knife Speedster Combat Series Wide Design Lin
Price: $10.55

Buck BU118BKSBR Personal D2 Steel Folding Knife 8 1/2" Overall
Price: $78.38

Z-Hunter ZB085RD 5" Closed 3.5" Black HS Blade W/ Red Folding Knife
Price: $9.47

Guardian Tactical GT32111 Helix Combat Folder Folding Knife Stainless 5 1/4"
Price: $381.37

Mtech MTX8030GB Knives Folder Knife Xtreme Linerlock 4 1/8" Closed 440 Stainles
Price: $7.21

Colt KC023 BUCKSHOT Bone Knives Folder Knife Buckshot Bone Small Lady Leg Knife
Price: $14.1

Miscellaneous M4284 5.5" Bullet Style Folder 4"B Folding Knife
Price: $9.05

Tac Force TF553GYS Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Speed Assisted Rescue Lin
Price: $15.55

Schrade S463 Folding Knife Blade with Thumb Stainless 4" Overall
Price: $3.98

Buck Creek BUC6642DS Buck Creek Cobra Deer Stag Folding Knife
Price: $35.95

Z-Hunter ZB093GNS 4.5" 3.5"Black Z Camo Blade Green Folding Knife
Price: $11.59

Mtech MT723RC Knives Folder Knife Camo Linerlock 4 1/2" Closed 3 1/4" Black Fin
Price: $10.12

Schrade SCHSCH280OT Knives Folder Knife Old Timer Barlow 3 1/4" Closed Stainless
Price: $13.24

Tac Force TF674R Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Linerlock A/O Speed Assisted
Price: $10.31

UST WG02142 Klipp Slide Light Black Folding Knife 4" Overall
Price: $6.98

Emerson EK123 Knives Folder Knife CQC 7 Black T Serrated 4 3/4" Closed Line
Price: $138.97

US Army USAA1020TB Linerlock Black Handles A/O Folding Knife Stainless
Price: $16.64

Hen & Rooster HR302IAB Pen Knife Imi Ablne 2 3/4" Stainless
Price: $31.98

Z-Hunter ZB110GN 5" Green Z Coating Satin Blade Folding Knife
Price: $9.81

Guardian G1404 J1 A/O Plunge Lock Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade Folding Knife
Price: $20.01

Hen & Rooster HR313GPB 3-Bld Walnut Jig Agb 4" Folding Knife
Price: $48.02

Browning BR366 Classic Folder Lockback Folding Knife Stainless
Price: $16.29

Z-Hunter ZB093YL 4.5" 3.5"Blade W/ 3 Claw Line Folding Knife
Price: $10.93

Hen & Rooster HR214DS Hen & Rooster Deer Stag 3 1/2" Folding Knife
Price: $64.41

Case 18334 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Zytel Handle Mako Lockback Lt158Lss
Price: $30.37

Schrade SCH33OT Knives Folder Knife Old Timer Middleman Jack 3 1/4" Closed Stai
Price: $14.59

Case 7252 Knives Folder Knife Stainless White Synthetic Handle Medium Stockman 4
Price: $39.01

Rough Rider RR1170 Knives Folder Knife Bone Handle Trapper Lime Green
Price: $12.24

Tac Force TF714BPK Zebra Stripe Rescue Linerlock Folding Knife
Price: $10.54

Rough Rider KB114 Brown CELLULOID Knives Folder Knife Small Leg Knife Painted
Price: $7.87

Smith & Wesson SWBLOP4 Knives Folder Knife Matte Finish Aluminum Handle Black Op
Price: $34.04

Case 8853 Knives Folder Knife Washed In Blood Trapper Religious Sayings Series
Price: $40.77

United UC2775 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Rampage Stiletto 7" Closed 6 1/8"
Price: $18.34

Schrade SCHSCH106OT Knives Folder Knife Grandad's Knives Folder Old Timer Series
Price: $16.2

Rough Rider RR1201 Knives Folder Knife Moose 4 1/4" Amber Smooth Clip & Spey
Price: $12.16

Wild Boar WB8002 Knives Folder Knife Mother of Pearl Handle Trapper 4 1/8" Clos
Price: $9.66

Green & Black Zwar 8" Zombie Spring Assist Folding Knife Tactical Hunting W6854
Price: $9.99

19 Case Working Stainless Steel Trapper Folding Pocket Knife Brown
Price: $48.89

LOT OF 2 Pocket Stainless Small Knives Folding Knife CRKT Gekkota 2Cro Steel Spe
Price: $44.61

Unexplained Phenomenon Tactical Spring Assist Folding Pocket Karambit Knife
Price: $2.99

Spyderco C01GPGR Worker Folding Knife 2.6" VG10 Plain Blade, Green G10 Handles.
Price: $168.0

LOT OF 2 Schrade "Beast" Pocket Knife Old Timer Serated Serrated Green Tough Lar
Price: $21.57

LOT OF 2 Schrade Knife Beast Green Old Timer Serated Serrated Tough Large Pocket
Price: $20.58

American Wildlife 4.5 inch Black Stainless Steel Pocket Knife "BRAND NEW"
Price: $9.99

Rock Creek Hanwei Lockback Folding Knife Stainless Steel Mother of Pearl 3" NEW
Price: $69.97
Shipment: $8.79

Kirsha Style Spring Assist Folding Knife w/ Keychain Hook Tactical Knives G205BK
Price: $8.95

Titanium Plated Hoffman-Richter 5" Spring Assist Tactical Folding Knife
Price: $22.0

Price: $36.42

Mathews Solocam Kutmaster Utica folding liner knife Lost Camo 7.5" overall
Price: $45.99

Frost Cutlery Fire Fly Folding Knife With Key Chain! Great Stocking Stuffer!
Price: $5.0
Shipment: $4.0

Buck Knives special edition set
Price: $19.99

Price: $19.99

Spyderco Native Folder Knife CPM-S30V Satin Combo Drop Point 3.125" FRN C41PSBK
Price: $65.0

100% MINT 1st In Original Series! 1982 Remington Bullet Knife Hunting Very Rare
Price: $979.99

Kershaw Kurai 8CR13MoV Titanium Carbon Fiber Knives Knife Pocket Hunting Cheap
Price: $22.35

NOS Gerber folding knife with Gerber sheath! Unused unsharpened *NICE*
Price: $12.99
Shipment: $4.5

SOG SOG99618 Knives Folder Knife Magnadot 4 3/4" Closed Lockback 3 1/2" Partial
Price: $29.89

BEAR SON CUTLERY G10 Trapper Knife Folding Pocket BLK 3 1/4" Stainless Blade NEW
Price: $19.97
Shipment: $8.79

SOG Flash ll TFSA-98 Tini 1/2 Serrated
Price: $38.0

Price: $15.0

Mora of Sweden 511 Craftline Q Allround Carbon Steel Knife FT511
Price: $8.35

Price: $16.89

Kershaw KSKS1555TI Knives Folder Knife Cryo A/O 1555Ti Folding Knife Type Assist
Price: $10.0

MTech MT-416 - 4.5" L. Pocketknife w / 3.5" Blade, Pakkawood Handle & Belt Clip
Price: $14.95

24 Knife Dealer Lot: Pocket, Survival, Belt Clip, Swiss Army Style, Lock Blade
Price: $34.95
Shipment: $5.99

Price: $5.99

Lot of 2 United Cutlery Nova Skull Folding Honed Pocket Knives W/Clip Steel NEW
Price: $12.97
Shipment: $8.79

Vintage IXL I*X*L Sheffield Single blade Knife Metal Handle Oil the Joints
Price: $34.49

LOT OF 2 CRKT Edgie 2/II Self Sharpening Folding Pocket Knife 5Cr15MoV Back Kniv
Price: $35.58

15-859B by Frost CutleryThe "Tracker" folding Pocket Knife with sheath
Price: $8.0

Kershaw Dimension Titanium Handle Folding Lock Blade Knife NEW
Price: $62.99

Stone River Gear Ceramic Folding Knife SRG21GS
Price: $105.88

SOG Flash II TFSAT98-CP 3-1/2" Partly Serrated Tanto Point Folding Blade Knife
Price: $52.89

Ring Lock Folding Knife
Price: $9.99
Shipment: $5.0

Smith & Wesson S&W Folding Black Tanto Special Tactical Knife Non-Stick CKTACB
Price: $12.99

Price: $0.99

Price: $7.99
Shipment: $8.95

LOT OF 2 Hunting Folding Black Colt Large Pocket Linerlock G-10 Handle Knife Kni
Price: $28.86

Pocket Knife Set of 20
Price: $20.0

Buck folding lock blade knife
Price: $15.0

Mcusta MCU162D Knives Folder Knife Tsuchi Purple 4 1/4" Closed Linerlock 3 1/4"
Price: $99.99

Benchmade 710D2 McHenry & Williams Axis Lock Knife D2 ***NIB***
Price: $120.0

mini - folder with a big - knife attitude !!!!
Price: $9.99

Leather Pouch Sheath fits Buck 110 Knife #P110
Price: $0.99
Shipment: $3.45

Knife Custom Making Blade Blank Hammer Forge Linerlock Custom Folder Scf81
Price: $0.99
Shipment: $3.95

United Cutlery Military Folding Knife UC2645 Dead Not Dead Enough
Price: $9.99

United Cutlery Military Special Forces Folding Knife UC2644
Price: $9.99

Rough Rider RR465B Stiletto Stainless Steel Folding Knife W/ Thumb Stud 4 1/8"
Price: $9.5

Schrade 3OT Old Timer Bearhead Lockback knife NEW Box Papers Free Shipping
Price: $13.95

Camillus National Knife Collectors Jumbo Trapper NKCA Jigged Bone Handle & Box
Price: $59.95

Knife Making Blade Blank "S" Series Custom Knife Blade "Coral Snake" Skinner s86
Price: $0.99

Remington Vintage Series Pocket Knife NIB
Price: $9.99

Camillus Gran Pa Knife Grandpa Leather Sheath USA Hunting Camp GP7 from Factory
Price: $49.95

Knife: BUCK Folding, CAT.3361 Ergohunter,pro
Price: $119.0

Cool 16-Function Camping Pocket Army Style Fold Knife - ²HYKWH
Price: $7.99

Assisted Opening Folding Knife 4.5 Closed Tf-726bk
Price: $15.33

Victorinox Red Money Clip Knife Metal handle New in box 53739 ALOX JBAH
Price: $27.49

Lot of 5 Credit Card Cardsharp Style Folding Pocket Knives/Survival Knife
Price: $0.99

HARLEY DAVIDSON Knife Heritage Springer Motorcycle HD0011
Price: $65.99

Price: $13.25

HARLEY DAVIDSON Knife Fatboy Motorcycle HD0005
Price: $65.99

Mossberg Lockback Knife w/case stainless steel blade
Price: $16.55

Price: $1.99

Price: $9.99

Benchmade bone collector knife
Price: $1.0

CRKT Edgie 2/II Self Sharpening Folding Pocket Knife 5Cr15MoV Back Knives Cheap
Price: $19.2

Factory Original Military Jack Knife,A.B.L 1951,UNUSUAL
Price: $59.0
Shipment: $3.9

Colt CT563 Blue Ribbon Trapper Kc012 Blue/White Stripe Folding Knife
Price: $18.71

Boker 01MB551DAM Magnum Damascus Black Bone Handle Damascus Blade Plain
Price: $58.92

Mtech MT790BK Knives Folder Knife Gun Shaped Linerlock 4 3/8" Closed 3 3/8"
Price: $13.65

Mtech MT443 Knives Folder Knife Pistol Grip Linerlock 4 5/8" Closed 3 1/2"
Price: $8.22

Elk Ridge ER126 Knives Folder Knife Satin Finish Kraton/Rubber Handle Hiker II
Price: $9.85

Case 118 Knives Folder Knife Zytel Handle Caliber Camo Lockback Lt1405Lss Patte
Price: $17.49

Boker BOM02103 Knives Folder Knife Damascus Bone Handle Magnum Damascus Lockba
Price: $58.92

Guideman Pocket Knife
Price: $0.99

Kershaw G10 Tactical Speed Bump Folding Stud Lock Knife New
Price: $90.56

Sarge Knives SK-112 Compact G10 Folder
Price: $9.0

Boker BOP01774 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Titanium Handle Plus Chad Los Banos
Price: $38.51

Ontario 8847CB Brown Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Rat 1. 5" Closed Linerloc
Price: $37.23

Winchester G1324 Knives Folder Knife Lockback 3 3/8" Closed Stainless Clip
Price: $9.24

Damascus DM1021 Knives Folder Knife Trapper Blue Jigged Bone Handles Trapper 4
Price: $31.17

Bad Blood BB0110 Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Framelock 3 5/8" Closed 2 1/2
Price: $8.6

Colt KC01 BUCKSHOT Bone Knives Folder Knife Buckshot Bone Gunstock 3 1/2" Close
Price: $18.16

Kershaw KSKS1660DAM Knives Folder Knife Damascus Stainless Handle A/O Damascus L
Price: $76.49

Boker BOM559DAM Knives Folder Knife Damascus Magnum King 4" Closed Lockback 37
Price: $36.2

Marbles MR270 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Bone Handle Lockback Etched Damascus
Price: $15.45

Kershaw KSKS1600DAM Knives Folder Knife Damascus Stainless Handle A/O Chive Dama
Price: $55.63

Colt CT201 Knives Folder Knife Gunstock 3 1/2" Closed Stainless Clip Blade Brow
Price: $18.16

Price: $20.99

Fox-N-Hound FH614 Knives Folder Knife Stag Handle Damascus Trapper 4 1/8"
Price: $23.87

China Made CN210908 Knives Folder Knife Knife Set Shotgun Shell Knife 2 5/8"
Price: $45.03

USMC Elite Tactical Knife Master Cutlery Semper Fi
Price: $45.0

KA-BAR Dozier Hunter Folding Knife 3" Plain Drop Point Pocket Clip Zytel Black
Price: $20.5

Ka-Bar 2-6112CU-1 Coppersmith Folding Knife Small Lockback
Price: $81.47

2-2482-9 3-5/8" Plain Modified Drop Point Blade KA-BAR TDI Folder Black TiNi Coa
Price: $30.69

Ka-Bar 2-6123CU-7 Coppersmith Coppersmith-Wharncliffe Barlow
Price: $73.72