Colt CT494 Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Aluminum Handle Trigger Finger Lo
Price: $7.61

0750BLX Buck Knives Redpoint Folding 2.75" Partially Serrated Drop Point 420HC S
Price: $24.27

CRKT CR2114 Folder Knife Aluminum Handle M21 Linerlock 5 1/4" Closed Par
Price: $58.01

Colt Knives Rescue Linerlock 5" Closed Serrated Red/Yellow Folding Knife CT492
Price: $8.44

1Pc Cardsharp Credit Card Folding Razor Sharp Wallet Knife Survival Tool Thin
Price: $0.99

Boker BOC092P Knives Folder Knife Zytel Handle Cinch Cruel Girl Action Roper 4
Price: $28.54

Outdoor Edge OE-NM-10 Nimbus Frame-Lock Folding Knife 2.5" Blade
Price: $17.72

Boker BOC091 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Handle Cinch Fastback Roper 4 1/8"
Price: $43.59

Rough Rider RR1336 Knives Folder Knife Pinto Lockback 3" Closed 2
Price: $6.94

Rough Rider #6 ABALONE Knives Folder Knife Miniature Knives Folder Abalone Hand
Price: $10.4

Boker BOP294Y Knives Folder Knife Synthetic Handle Plus Mini Trapper 3 7/8"
Price: $16.09

M3940 Knives Folder Knife Assisted Linerlock 4 1/2" Closed 3 1/4" Black Finis
Price: $8.4

Boker BO4000 Knives Folder Knife Stag Handle Lockback Stag 4 3/4" Closed 440C
Price: $151.34

Bear & Son 233R Knives Folder Knife SM Stockman Rosewood 2 3/4" Closed Stain
Price: $28.51

Boker 01KALS74B Kalashnikov Stainless 3.25" Blade Aluminum Handle Folding Knife
Price: $36.25

Buck Knives 0283CMS26 Nano Bantam 1 7/8" Plain Satin Blade Kryptek Highlander ET
Price: $15.67

Pakistan Made PA5023BO Knives Folder Knife Barlow White Handle3 1/4" Closed Stai
Price: $8.73

Robert David RD91711 Knives Folder Knife Stag Handle Laguiole Knives Folder Ge
Price: $72.27

Schrade SCHSCH194OT Knives Folder Knife Old Timer Lockable Trapper 3 7/8" Closed
Price: $15.22

Boker Knives TK114 Armed Forces Folding Knife 3.75" Partially Serrated Blade
Price: $37.23

Gerber 45864 Ar 3.00 Black Serrated Edge 2.94" Blade Pocket Folding Knife
Price: $34.61

CRKT CR13SFG Knives Folder Knife Black Finish G-10 Handle M16 Special Forces S
Price: $47.13

CRKT CR14Z Knives Folder Knife Matte Finish Zytel Handle M16 Linerlock 5
Price: $47.13

Boker BOM409 Knives Folder Knife Magnum Fire & Rescue Folder 3 3/4" Closed Lin
Price: $17.73

Gerber Gear 31-001944 Outrigger Folding Knife 3" Combo Blade/Aluminum w/Overmold
Price: $37.15

Zero Tolerance ZT0770 Folding Knife A/O SW 3.25" Blade/Black Anodized Handle
Price: $144.0

M3999 Knives Folder Knife Assisted Linerlock 4 5/8" Closed 3 1/2" Black Fini
Price: $7.49

Buck BU286CMS9 Knives Folder Knife Bantam. 5 1/8" Closed 3 5/8" 420Hc Stainless
Price: $25.37

Kutmaster Knife 91-CAG46CP Gray Liner Lock
Price: $13.78

Buck Knives 0538BKS Open Season Drop Point Folding Knife 4.25" Blade w/Sheath
Price: $44.93

CASE XX Blue Bone World's Greatest Grandson 1/600 Trapper ###2 Pocket Knives
Price: $159.95

Rough Rider RR892 Knives Folder Knife Synthetic Handle Razor Trapper Smooth Yel
Price: $11.52

Tom Anderson M3634 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Diablo Knives Folder 4 1/2"
Price: $8.93

Gerber 31-000596 Contrast Drop Point 3" Serrated Edge Blade Folding Knife
Price: $28.92

Boker Knives 01BO103 Optima Plus Black Folding Knife Interchangable 3.5" Blade
Price: $40.36

Colt CT314 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Bone Handle Titanium Series Stockman S
Price: $16.32

Boker BOP02073 Knives Folder Knife Matte Finish G-10 Handle Plus S2 Linerlock 4
Price: $55.09

Rough Rider 934002323 Knives Folder Knife Lockback 4" Closed Matte Finish Stain
Price: $9.69

Schrade SCHSCH19OT Knives Folder Knife Old Timer Land Shark 3 7/8" Closed Stainl
Price: $12.95

Price: $4.99
Shipment: $2.95

Cannon CAN07 Knives Folder Knife Spanish Style Knives Folder 4 1/8" Close
Price: $7.54

Boker Knives 01BO190 Black Boker Plus Folding Knife Plain Edge 3" Blade
Price: $28.47

Schrade SCH96OT Knives Folder Knife Bearhead Trapper 4 1/8" Closed Stainless
Price: $19.26

Tac Force TF686BP Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Dragon Strike A/O Rescue Li
Price: $9.08

Camillus CM19060 Knives Folder Knife Yellow Carbon Fiber Handle Yellow Jaket Min
Price: $33.14

Tac Force TF640EMT Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Rescue Emt A/O Speed Assis
Price: $10.88

Buck Knives 0830BKS-B 7788 Marksman Folding Knife
Price: $81.89

Browning BR113BL Knives Folder Knife Black Finish G-10 Handle Black Label Stone
Price: $23.65

Hen & Rooster HRHR224DSMS Knives Folder Knife Stag Handle Moonshiner Congress 4
Price: $81.95

Cold Steel Knives Kudu 5 3/4" Closed Ring Lock Black Zytel Pocket Knife NM C
Price: $8.76

Kutmaster Knives 91-M1837CP Moonshine Muddy Girl Body Lock Folding Knife
Price: $15.37

Rough Rider RR098 Knives Folder Knife Mini Trapper Amber Jigged Bone Handles 3
Price: $11.05

Cold Steel 26SXP Knives Folder Knife Zytel Handle Ti Lite Vi Zytel 7 1/8" Cl
Price: $53.38

Schrade SCHSCH280OT Knives Folder Knife Old Timer Barlow 3 1/4" Closed Stainless
Price: $13.88

Rough Rider RR1008 Knives Folder Knife Lockback Painted Desert Series 3 1/2"
Price: $9.23

Extrema Ratio EXEX133MF1BC Knives Folder Knife Aluminum Handle Mf1. With Belt Cu
Price: $321.52

Pakistan Made PA32934 Knives Folder Knife Fruit Knife 3 1/2" Closed 3" Stainles
Price: $5.92

Case 9318WP Knives Folder Knife Medium Stockman White Pearl Corelon 3318Ss P
Price: $57.33

Cold Steel 27TLCT Recon 1 Tanto Plain XHP Steel G10 Blade 4" R/L Clip Folding
Price: $90.63

Buck BU283CMS9 Knives Folder Knife Nano Bantam 3" Closed Lockback 1 7/8" 420Hc S
Price: $17.28

Rough Rider RR909 Knives Folder Knife Stoneworx Canoe 3 5/8" Closed Stainless
Price: $17.8

Case 9207STAR Knives Folder Knife Stainless Synthetic Handle Mini Trapper 3
Price: $53.34

Bear Hunter N7 Knives Folder Knife Veteran & Darn Proud Of It 3 1/2" Closed Sin
Price: $6.94

Tac Force TF700FD Knives Folder Knife Black Finish Rescue A/O Linerlock 4 5/8"
Price: $8.72

Price: $30.0

Price: $55.0

Moki MK102J Knives Folder Knife Meek Quince Wood Handles 2 3/4" Closed Lockback
Price: $65.68

Buck Knives 0750BKXC Redpoint 2 3/4" Serrated Blade Black Handle Clam Package
Price: $25.91

Smith & Wesson SWMP6 Knives Folder Knife Stainless Black Finish Aluminum Handle
Price: $36.62

Buck BU770BKX Knives Folder Knife Stainless Aluminum Handle Flashpoint 4 1/2" Cl
Price: $37.39

Puma PU232265 Knives Folder Knife Aluminum Handle Major Lockback 4 1/4" Closed
Price: $75.5

8849 Ontario Knife Company RAT Folder 3.5" Combo Drop Point Satin AUS-8 Steel Bl
Price: $28.06

Victorinox VN54850 Knives Folder Knife Cigar Knife 3" Closed Silver Alox Handl
Price: $64.82

322508 Browning 3-3/8" Pursuit Fixed-Blade Burl Wood Handle Folding Knife
Price: $31.87

Cold Steel 27TLCC Recon 1 Black G10 Handle/Clip Plain 4" Blade Folding
Price: $90.63

Buck BU110BRSCB Knives Folder Knife Stainless Wood Handle Model 110 Folding Hunt
Price: $47.58

Rough Rider RR1061 Knives Folder Knife Mini Trapper A Stroke Of Luck Series 3 1
Price: $12.76

Vintage Solingen West Germany GM 61960 Fish Knife With Celluloid Pearl Handle
Price: $37.0

Mantis MANMANMCK2 Knives Folder Knife Civilianaire Coin Knife 1 3/8" Closed Fric
Price: $41.11

Moki 155861 Knives Folder Knife Micarta Handle Blakiston's Fish Owl 4" Closed
Price: $74.15

Folding Gentleman's Knife Spoon Folk Bottle Opener in One Multi Camping Tool
Price: $12.59

Buck Knives 0770ORXC Flashpoint SafeSpin 2 7/8" Combo Blade Orange Handle
Price: $35.4

Fox FOXSLO01 Knives Folder Knife Black Finish G-10 Handle Bantay Design By Borut
Price: $162.17

Boker BOP102 Knives Folder Knife Plus Kalashnikov 101 5 3/4" Closed Linerlock
Price: $74.41

Tac Force TF672BL Knives Folder Knife Spectrum Finish Speed Assisted Linerlock
Price: $10.38

New TwoSun Knives Karambit Folding Pocket Claw Green/Black G-10 Knife TS-03
Price: $14.99

Marbles MR266 Knives Folder Knife Bone Handle Workman Series Trapper
Price: $9.76

Browning 322207 Tagged Out Folding Knife w/Scissors 3 1/2" Blade MOINF
Price: $31.09

Schrade SCHSS105 Knives Folder Knife Long Sampler 5 3/4" Closed Melon Knife Stai
Price: $11.15

Kershaw 87171184005 Knives Folder Knife A/O Shallot 4 3/8" Closed Framelock San
Price: $49.99

Case 9318PP Knives Folder Knife Medium Stockman Purple Passion Corelon Serie
Price: $56.05

Obama 08 Stainless Lockback Knife New old Stockl
Price: $12.0

NEW 8.5" Skulls Spring Assisted Tactical Folding Pocket Knife Blade Open
Price: $8.98

Zero Tolerance 0770cf liner lock
Price: $160.0

TwoSun TC4 Titanium Handle D2 Ball Bearings Fast Open Pocket Folding Knife TS-30
Price: $0.99

CASE XX Engraved Bolster Series Tennessee Orange Corelon Peanut Pocket Knives
Price: $72.95

Gerber 31-001705 Mini Swagger Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife Black
Price: $29.58

Buck Knives 0286CMS32 Bantam 3 5/8" Blade Muddy Water ETP Handle Boxed
Price: $22.69

Case 9254LP Knives Folder Knife Trapper Lollypop Corelon Series 4 1/8" Close
Price: $55.69

M3478 Knives Folder Knife Stiletto Speed Assisted 4 3/4" Closed Linerlock Blac
Price: $8.43

Full tang machete metal gear solid sword . US SHIPPER
Price: $19.95

PUMA, A.G. Russell Luger 1974 folding knife stag handle #16-190, serial# 2700
Price: $139.0
Shipment: $6.1

Price: $11.99
Shipment: $3.5

3 Folding Pocket Knives with Belt Clip Made in China
Price: $8.0

New 8.66" Sharp Blade Assisted Opening Fishing Camping Folding Knife Saber #28
Price: $0.01
Shipment: $13.98

Vintage Colonial prov USA 6 1/4" paring Knife Look
Price: $20.0
Shipment: $7.0

SOG 3PCS Assisted Opening Folding Knife Survival Pocket Tactical Saber Fishing
Price: $0.88
Shipment: $28.81

Spyderco Tenacious folding knife
Price: $45.0

Kutmaster by Utica - collectable folding knife
Price: $26.0

2-3063-9 Ka-Bar MULE Tactical Folding 4" Partially Serrated Clip Point 3Cr13 Sta
Price: $23.89

Shrade Ranger Lock Back folding knife
Price: $35.0

Gerber Applegate folder with pocket clip
Price: $35.0

Buck Deer folding knife - 2 blades, camo
Price: $45.0

Buck Knives 0286CMS24 Bantam BHW 3 5/8" Blade Mossy Oak Break-Up Country ETP Han
Price: $22.69

Boker Knives 01SC249 Magnum Bullet Knife Keychain 1.75" Keyring Foldin Knife
Price: $9.76

Custom folding hunting knife w/stag handle
Price: $75.0

A G Russell one hand serrated blade one piece frame locking back free ship USA
Price: $250.0

Case Hobo Knife Fork Spoon
Price: $75.0

Buck Knives 0418BKX Vertex 3" Satin 420HC Serrated Blade Black Aluminum Handle
Price: $26.15

knife, fixed blade, cable and sheath carved wood
Price: $12.99
Shipment: $8.3

BUCKSHOT Classic NEW Tactical Spring Assisted Open Pocket Knife 8204-WD
Price: $0.99

6" Gentlemen's Purple Pearl Pocket Knife Tactico & Elegante Spring Assist NIB
Price: $9.5

Lot of 4 Vintage knives for repair or parts.Keen Kutter,Barlow and others
Price: $4.99
Shipment: $3.4

Price: $800.0
Shipment: $45.0

Price: $0.99

Boker Magnum Lady Damascus Blade Burlwood Handle Folding Pocket Knife 01MB788DAM
Price: $30.09

CASE XX Jigged Sea Green Bone Trapper Stainless Pocket Knives Knife
Price: $52.95

High quality BRN Knife Tactical Folding Saber Outdoor Travel Liner lock Tool
Price: $0.05
Shipment: $12.22

Unique BIG HAND made folding clasp KNIFE pocket knife Bulgarian New
Price: $49.0
Shipment: $6.5

Unique HAND made folding clasp KNIFE pocket knife Bulgarian New
Price: $32.0
Shipment: $6.5

Unique HAND made folding clasp KNIFE pocket knife Bulgarian New inlaid knife
Price: $31.0
Shipment: $6.5

Unique BIG HAND made folding clasp KNIFE pocket knife Bulgarian New inlaid knife
Price: $38.0
Shipment: $6.5

Victorinox VN56225 Knives Folder Knife Classic Sd Zebra 2 1/4" Closed Composit
Price: $17.28

1600 Kershaw Ken Onion "Chive" Folding 1.9" Plain Drop Point Bead Blasted 420HC
Price: $37.51

CASE XX Sawcut Chestnut Bone Carbon Damascus Steel Trapper 1/500 Pocket Knife
Price: $167.94

Price: $550.0
Shipment: $45.0

precise usa small pocket knife
Price: $46.0
Shipment: $3.0

victorionx classic pocket knife
Price: $8.75

Price: $1600.0
Shipment: $45.0

pocket knife frame lock
Price: $3.25
Shipment: $3.0

smith wesson extreme ops sw2cp
Price: $6.75
Shipment: $3.0

CAMP KNIFE by tomas rucker
Price: $600.0
Shipment: $45.0

Gerber pocket knife 8970413A
Price: $7.0

Gerber Blades 31-001753 Mini Fast Draw Folding Knife Tanto Blade
Price: $18.89

Imperial Schrade Black Handle Sod Buster Folding Pocket Knife IMP22
Price: $7.99

Gerber Blades 31-002937 Dime Purple Blister Multi Tool 4.30" Overall Length
Price: $16.89

Utica Delrin 1987 IBPAT Union Pocket Knife
Price: $0.99

Cold Steel 27TLCTH Recon 1 Tanto 50/50 XHP Steel4" Blade R/L Clip Folding
Price: $90.63

31-000593 Gerber Mini Swagger Folding Knife 2.8" Plain Drop Point Stainless Stee
Price: $19.05

Spyderco Bug Slipit Plain Edge Stainless Knife C133P
Price: $16.99

Damascus Hunting Skinner Knife Full Tank Brass Bolster Handle Bull Horn {QN-218)
Price: $15.0
Shipment: $20.0

German Richartz Solingen Pocket Knife Vintage Black - Clean 3 Blade camper Knife
Price: $4.99
Shipment: $2.6

1830 Kershaw Oso Sweet Folding 3.1" Plain Drop Point Bead Blasted 8Cr13MoV Steel
Price: $23.02

Hand Made Custom Stainless Steel 420 Skinner Knife Handle Sisso Wood {QN-243)
Price: $10.0
Shipment: $20.0

Hand Made Custom Stainless Steel 420 Skinner Knife Handle Sisso WOOD {QN-244)
Price: $10.0
Shipment: $20.0

Buck Knives 0301RWS Stockman Folding Knife Rosewood
Price: $34.84

CASE XX Chestnut Bone Spider Web 1/500 Trapper ###1 Pocket Knives
Price: $149.95

William Henry B10 Encore Special Edition 17 of 25 knives
Price: $949.0
Shipment: $15.0

Price: $20.0
Shipment: $26.0

Ka-Bar 2-3053-0 Mule Folder Knife Serrated Edge desert color
Price: $43.59

Vintage SPYDERCO Clipit MERLIN COLLECTOR w/Molded Clip hawbill type hawk
Price: $99.0
Shipment: $3.95

Vintage Rare Russian Brass Inlay Hunter s Shell Puller Corkscrew Pocket Knife
Price: $25.0
Shipment: $12.99

BUCK 110 NRA National Rifle Association Wooden Folding Hunter Pocket Knives
Price: $84.95

BOKER TREE BRAND Leopard Damascus I Aluminum Ziracote Lockblade Pocket Knives
Price: $389.95

Damascus Hunting Bowie Knife Brass Guard Handle Bull Horn {QN-197}.
Price: $20.0
Shipment: $26.0

Vintage Hunter s Brass Tipped Cross Bar Ka Bar? Mark Leather Stealth Large Knife
Price: $45.0
Shipment: $15.99

JXL 2 Blade Pocket Knife good snap, 3 3/4" Closed. Yellow Delrin Handles
Price: $2.99
Shipment: $2.6

Damascus Hunting Bowie Knife Brass Guard Handle Rose Wood {QN-198}.
Price: $20.0
Shipment: $26.0

CASE XX White Pearl Corelon Right to Bear Arms 1/600 Trapper ###1 Pocket Knives
Price: $169.95

Vintage Engraved Mark Blade 1 R Crown Double Sword Royal Stag 100Years Old Knife
Price: $35.0
Shipment: $12.99

Moore Maker Inc. 3" Delrin Lockback Knife 1 Bld.
Price: $3.0

Price: $15.0
Shipment: $2.6

CASE XX Wild West Bull Rider Golden Brown Wood Trapper 1/250 ###1 Pocket Knife
Price: $269.95

CASE XX Chestnut Bone Elk 1/500 Trapper ###1 Pocket Knives
Price: $149.95

Buck Knives 3717 Mini Buck Folding Knife 1.88" Plain Edge 420HC Satin Stainless
Price: $13.12

Price: $1500.0
Shipment: $45.0

33OT Schrade Old Timer Middleman Jack Folding Pocket Knife Blade 5/16"
Price: $14.87

Hornady Hornady Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife Blade Length: 3 3/4' 99126
Price: $82.06

CASE XX Chestnut Bone Celtic Maze 1/500 Trapper ###3 Pocket Knives
Price: $119.95

Vintage Engraved Blade Mark Finn Knife Original Leather Stealth Nice
Price: $35.0
Shipment: $12.99

Vintage Cutco Model 1063 Serrated Fish Knife & Sheath with Fish Etching
Price: $125.0

Assisted Opening Pocket Colorized Folding Tactical Knife Saber Survival Rescue
Price: $0.48
Shipment: $11.11

CASE XX Bone Stag Father Peanut Pocket Knife Knives # 1
Price: $249.95

Vintage RARE N Military Safety Lock Pocket Knife Mark Fast Open n Close Super!
Price: $59.99
Shipment: $12.99

8 Brand New Assorted Pocket Knives
Price: $10.0

Uzi Echo Replica II Uzk-Fdr-012 Partially Serrated Tanto Blade Fold Knife 4 5/8"
Price: $18.95

NIE393 Nieto Nie393 Navaja Linea Junior Folding Knife
Price: $21.94

V5900CB Folding Knife Viper Rhino Pau Wood 5 5/8" Close Lockback 4 1/4" Satin N6
Price: $144.1

Tac Force Cobra A/O Linerlock Tf-796Pe Partially Serrated Folding Knife 4 3/4"
Price: $9.61

JKRNH782 Joker Beechwood Folder Knife
Price: $19.54

Camillus Cuda Black 19077 Stainless Partially Serrated Blade Folder Knife 4 3/4"
Price: $35.97

HTM21704 Htm Madd Maxx Folding Knife
Price: $385.46

FWT570DS Frost Whitetail Cutlery Congress 3 7/8" Close Twin Sheeps Knife
Price: $18.34

MTAA1001GY Folding Knife Mtech U S Army Grenade Linerlock 3 1/2" Close 2 5/8" As
Price: $8.17

MCA003PK Master Collection Dragon Linerlock A/O Pink Folding Knife
Price: $10.03

Robert David 9009011 Knives Folder Knife Laguiole Knives Folder Olive Wood Hand
Price: $61.21

BR147BL Browning Aquaforce Tactical Combo Folding Knife
Price: $20.76

G0642 Folding Knife Gerber Swagger A/O Assisted Opening Buttonlock 4 1/4" Close
Price: $33.39

Buck Knives 0245MCSMWG Matt Would Go Folding Knife 9" Overall Multi Color Handle
Price: $133.06

DN2PVDG10 Dendra Defender 5 1/4" Close Framelock 3 3/4" Black Coat Pvd Fin Knife
Price: $162.34